Shuffles classes, attributes and/or metas of an input data set.



  • Data

    Data set.


  • Data

    Randomized data set.


The Randomize widget receives a data set in the input and outputs the same data set in which the classes, attributes or/and metas are shuffled.

  1. Select group of columns of the data set you want to shuffle.
  2. Select proportion of the data set you want to shuffle.
  3. Produce replicable output.
  4. If Apply automatically is ticked, changes are committed automatically. Otherwise, you have to press Apply after each change.
  5. Produce a report.


The Randomize widget is usually placed right after (e.g. File widget. The basic usage is shown in the following workflow, where values of class variable of Iris data set are randomly shuffled.


In the next example we show how shuffling class values influences model performance on the same data set as above.