Logistic Regression


Logistic Regression Learner



  • Data

    A data set

  • Preprocessor

    Preprocessed data


  • Learner

    A logistic regression learning algorithm with settings as specified in the dialog.

  • Logistic Regression Classifier

    A trained classifier (a subtype of Classifier). The Logistic Regression Classifier sends data only if data input is present.


  1. A name under which the learner appears in other widgets. The default name is “Logistic Regression”.
  2. Regularization type (either L1 or L2). Set the cost strength (default is C=1).
  3. Press Apply to commit changes. If Apply Automatically is ticked, changes will be communicated automatically.


The widget is used just as any other widget for inducing a classifier. This is an example demonstrating the prediction value of logistic regression used on the voting.tab data set. We first use the Logistic Regression learner to provide a LR classifier for the Predictions widget. We want to see the quality of LR prediction model for a person being a republican or a democrat, based on their voting patterns. In Select Columns we choose logistic regression as the feature and party as the class. Then we use the Scatterplot to see which instances were correctly predicted and which were false.